Making a Mark

Markers in Atelier

Markers are available in every classroom, but not every child sees them as a tool for making art.  As an introduction to the new studio space, we explored this familiar material in a new way.


Using the side of of a thick marker, we can make thick lines to add color to an area in straight lines that barely touch or make an outline and fill it in.  Using only the tip of the marker, we can add color through cross hatched lines or tiny dots.  Each of these techniques has a different look and feel.

IMG_4850 3 copy

For many of the children, using these techniques was hard work.  After coloring in all directions in the past, these new skills required precision and careful attention.

IMG_4859 3 copy

Using the same color, the children tried each of the techniques, and we discussed that even though they were using the same color throughout, how they applied the marks changed how the color felt in the end.

IMG_4862 3 copy

Of the techniques, the children chose a technique they would like to continue to work on in the form of a mandala.  Now when they finish work early, they are able to revisit their mandalas, slowly and carefully perfecting their chosen technique.

IMG_4856 3

If you would like to try this in your own classroom, you can download the sheet I made here: Marker Techniques


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