Three Cheers for the CHCF!

With many, many thanks to the Capitol Hill Community Foundation, the atelier has new tables and chairs!  Formerly, the space had eight different kinds of a chairs and wobbly tables that were hard to draw on, all of mismatched sizes and dimensions. Not only was this visually chaotic, it was difficult to organize the space in ways that were conducive to all kinds of learning. And draw a straight line on the wobbly tables? Forget-about-it!

CHCF blog

The Capitol Hill Community Foundation granted us $1700 to buy four matching tables and chairs, and they have had a huge impact on the space.  Now collaborative work happens naturally, and all children have the space they need to do their best work.  Because the tables are all the same size, the studio is now modular– the tables are rearranged depending on the kind of lesson at hand and the needs of that lesson.  And as a wonderful bonus, the tables can be arranged to make a stage for performances.

CHCF Blog2

Many thanks again to the Capitol Hill Community Foundation for their support of our growing program!


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