SWS Mascot Convention

Now that our school extends to 5th grade, we are eligible to have sports teams.  For the first time in SWS history, we need a mascot!


The 5th graders have thought hard about which animals should be candidates for the mascot, and why.  The children and teachers are deciding, together as a school, what animal will represent our whole community.

Today the 1st-5th graders participated in a process to choose candidates for the new SWS mascot.  Each homeroom decided as a group whether they would like to be a part of the Animals Party or the Bugs & Other Things Party.  Each party hosted their own convention simultaneously, one in the multipurpose room and one in the cafeteria.


After determining how many eligible voters were present, 5th grade teams pitched their ideas for a mascot, sharing a poster and a campaign speech they had prepared.


From there, each party had one minute to talk to the others around them to persuade the others around them to vote with them.

The Bugs & Other Things Party was a civilized group, calmly reporting their preferences.

The Animals Party was a little more raucous.  🙂

In the end, the Animals Party chose the Golden Shepherd as their candidate for SWS Mascot, and the Bugs & Other Things Party chose the Monarch Butterfly as theirs.  The election will be held the same day as the Presidential Election, on Tuesday, November 8th.





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